Essential Steps to Finding and Buying Your Perfect Home

When looking to buy a home, there is an overwhelming amount of questions to be asked and answered. These questions run the gambit from location, size, style, community, price, financing and the list goes on. Your first step if you’re looking to buy a house in Brevard or Indian River County Florida, should be to call Bryant Realty at (321)-222-8347.

Our Owner/Broker is a five star real estate agent according to Zillow and knows the right questions to ask you in order to narrow down quickly where you should be looking to buy your perfect home and how to put you into a position to get the money you need to fulfill your home buying dreams.

New construction, resales, bank owned properties, short sales, single family, condos, townhouses are all out there waiting for you to shop and buy. However, so many choices bring to bear an overwhelming plethora of different forms of ownership, different financing requirements, different contracts, different condo and home owners associations and the list goes on! Don’t face these unknowns without the help of a real professional you can trust to guide you through this maze: Keith Bryant at Bryant Realty.

We asked Keith Bryant (one of the best real estate agents in Brevard County, Florida and Indian River County, Florida) what his advice is to those looking to invest in the home of their dreams. He gave us the following tips in order to make your home buying experience the best experience possible:

  1. Work with a true full time real estate professional that has the time, experience and ability to lead you through the confusing maze of property acquisition.
  2. If you need financing, talk with your real estate professional to see who they recommend in the financing business that specializes in financing your particular dream home property. For example, purchasing a condo instead of a single family home requires a different financing strategy as well as contractual requirements.
  3. Locate and contact your real estate agent early. This will give you a chance to find out in advance many things:
  1. The right real estate agent.
  2. What is on the market.
  3. What type of property you should be considering: single family, condo, townhouse etc.
  4. Financing details: FHA, VA and Insurable or Non-Insurable Conventional Loans.
  5. The right area.
  6. School districts.

These are just a few tips out of an endless array which can be offered by our premier real estate brokerage. We hope this short blog will help you as a starting point to finding your dream home. If you are in the market to buy or sell real estate in Brevard or Indian River Counties in Florida, don’t wait, call us today to continue down the right path to finding and owning your dream home!

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